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Reporter Jessica Beard (pictured) delivered a letter to the Prime Minister yesterday, calling on him to pressure social media corporations to crack down on scammers operating on their platforms. In a uncommon present of unity, officials from eight of the UK’s largest banks and building societies joined us to set out the pressing action we […]

These are the Shortest-Stopping Cars We’ve Ever Tested

thanks in part to a set of carbon-ceramic brakes that are similar to carbon-carbon brake units found on race cars. The crazy thing is that this number is achieved on Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires and iron brakes. with a 70-mph-to-zero stopping distance of 133 feet. And at the limit, It shoots to 60 mph […]

Experts gave a forecast for Ethereum

Специалисты дали прогноз по Ethereum Главный альткоин движется вблизи отметки $1200 с 17 декабря этого года. По словам экспертов, наметились первые признаки возможного роста активов. Технические модели говорят о том, что к марту 2023 года эфир вполне может преодолеть уровень $1330, однако для этого ему нужно удержаться выше поддержки $1180. Долгожданный переход экосистемы Ethereum […]

AAX Bitcoin-Birzha suspended the withdrawal of funds

AAX Bitcoin-Birzha suspended the withdrawal of funds AAX cryptocurrency exchange, based in Hong Kong, suspended the withdrawal of funds. As a reason, the company called the planned update of the system. In the statement, the platform emphasized that the restriction of operations is not related to FTX collapse: “In the light of insolvency of one […]