In the deep well of addiction, it takes various methods to really get past it. In an addiction program, yoga will often be used as one of the therapies. While you breathe, you will chant a mantra to help you focus. One good example for beginners is the mantra “sat nam,” which means “truth is my identity.” Sit on the floor cross-legged or sit in a chair with your weight resting on your feet.

  • It took me several years to eliminate my desire for refined sugar.
  • Overtime our peaceful relationship with our energy and our body will supersede any programming of how our bodies should look.
  • We can be addicted to attention, need for approval or validation, sugar, alcohol, social media, cigarettes, food, drugs, sex, body image, shopping and the list goes on ..
  • As you are practicing your breathing and chanting, focus on how your breath is moving through your body and helping you to relax.

History of Kundalini Meditation

One day, after college, I decided that I did not want to live like that. I made the decision to eat only until I was full and then I would stop. It took me about 2 months to get into the habit and integrate the strategy into my psyche. I am so much more Top 5 Advantages of Staying in a Sober Living House comfortable mentally and physically that to do any differently is not even an option. I look at my food, appreciate what I am eating while I am eating, even try to chew more. Just writing those words again makes me sit up straighter and breathe deeper.

Sa Ta Na Ma Meditation In Practice

At this point you can choose to either lock and release the teeth, or keep them locked together for the duration of this practice. Whatever you are battling, find strength and fortitude in this easy and quick meditation for healing addictions. The very nature of addiction makes it challenging to overcome, however much we desire freedom from our vices. For many people, using meditation to overcome addiction can show very promising results. Then slowly over time you can increase to up to maximum 31 minutes. Lock the back molars together and keep the lips closed.

How Kundalini Yoga can Fast-Track our Addiction Recovery.

  • When I was young my mother made the most outrageous refined sugar-flour based desserts imaginable.
  • 2) Create fists with both your hands & extend the thumbs straight.
  • My hypothesis is that we all have addictive tendancies.
  • Maybe addictions are about taking back our power from those forces and “authorities” who we have let manipulate us.

Julie K. Staples, Ph.D. (Guru Parkash Kaur) received a doctorate in Cell and Molecular Biology from St. Louis University. She is the Research Director at the Center for Mind-Body Medicine in Washington, DC and has been doing research on yoga and mind-body medicine for 20 years. Dr. Staples is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Georgetown University School of Medicine where she teaches in the Complementary and Alternative Medicine graduate program.

I feel emotional pain coming all the way up from my root and then the pain stops once the tears roll. If you get into the swing of this powerful practice, you will literally feel that energy going up your spine and out of the top of your head. Yoga hasn’t been scientifically proven to directly aid in overcoming addiction. However, mindfulness, and its positive effects with addiction recovery, has been studied extensively for the past 30 years.

addiction meditation kundalini

The Science of Kundalini Yoga for Trauma and Addictions

To see the most pronounced benefits of this meditation for addiction, take yourself into a quiet, private space. Once you are peaceful, follow these steps to perform this meditation. Even when Kundalini evolved from meditative teachings to include physical practices (yoga), it remained unknown outside of these select teachers and students. In its early stages, Kundalini was a private philosophy.

It isa perfect blend of the ancient yogic wisdom of the East with the innovations of the West. This supportsone to move from recovery to self-discovery. The system combines core technologies of Kundalini Yoga,meditation, breathing, nutrition restoration with specific therapeutic juices, vitamins and herbs. For nearly a century, people recovering from alcoholism and addiction have practiced the 12 steps. In fact, the 11th step is all about prayer and meditation to improve consciousness and your connection with a higher power.

This is the area where our digestion and elimination is regulated. When we create stress by holding in our stomachs and have a negative attitude toward this part of our body, we interfere with our normal biological functioning. Breath of Fire is a great navel breath as is the 4 Part Energizing Breath which I covered in our very first lesson. Do this 3-5 minute exercise 3 or more times a day, especially at moments when you are being pulled to a compulsive, addictive behavior.

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